Personal Experiences

boiler room green thing
It was Halloween a few years ago,I went through the sloss furnace tour. It wasn't until we got to the boiler room where I felt as if I was being watched. Didn't think much about it. I looked behind me as people were pushing one another and on the catwalk I see this green aparition,I thought it was the lighting but a few of my friends behind me saw the same thing I did. We always wanted to ghost hunt at sloss furnace,but we don't know where to begin. I'm going back tomorrow for the tour on 10/15/15. I'm hoping my friends and I will see this green figure again.
by crazysocks12
The slapping
One time i was walking and i got pushed on the ground and i was slapped so hard that i could not get up for a long period of time and it was the next day and i was still knocked out. When i got up i had a big bloody hand print on my face.Like a burn.I still believe that was a ghost that did that.
by malia
The Mysterious Figure
A couple of years ago I went to Sloss Furnace with a friend. It was during the day and no one else was there. We had fun and took a lot of pictures. When we left, we looked at the photos. Most of them had orbs on them. But, in one photo I was being silly and posing on the stage. I saw behind me, a shadow figure. It was taller than me and it wasn't posing. My friend is moved now, and I haven't been able to find the photo.
by Casie
Ghostly Leader
It was the first time we had been to Sloss Fright Furnace. When they let our group go in, we were told which way to go, we walked around two corners and we couldn't figure out which way we were supposed to go. When we looked to our right there was a man that motioned for us to follow him. We were going toward the back of the furnace and we didn't see any "monsters" but we kept following the man, figured he worked there. Then we heard someone say, "hey your going the wrong way". We said but we are following that man, he motioned to go this way. The person said there is no one around this way.
by Daphne Young
bing touched
I was at sloss one holloween night a some on was pushing me and I look back to tell them stop pushing me but no one was their. I went on the cat walk one day in the day time just looking around cause I new some one who work their and I was scratched on my back and pushed. I look back and no one was their so I got the hell out of their and once I was by my car and my friend said jimmy Kyser u have scratches on ur neck and he look at my back cause it was burning and I pulled my shirt off and their was three scratches on my back. I will tell u this I won't be going back their again.
by jimmy
really freaky
so me and my bff were in the catwalk and my mom was on my right with my bff and no one on my left at first I saw a flash of something but then i looked back and saw a guy with red hair waving at me it scared me sooo bad
by sarah a.
Tunnel ghost
Me, my girlfriend, and my best friend Ben were all in the tunnel on the catwalk during the sloss fright furnace. my girlfriend was on my left and ben was in front of us and no one else was around us. I felt something touch my shoulder I didn't think nothing of it. then it tugged my shoulder and it really freaked me out because I don't believe in paranormal activity. but ben shined his phone on my shoulder and it was a perfectly red hand mark like I was slapped on my right shoulder. very scary to me
by Trey W
New Pair of Shorts
My fiance and I went to Sloss late at night outside of operating hours (shhh dont't tell). We were using the flashlights on our phones to explore the maze of catwalks, stairs, and pipework. We heard ominous noises the entire time that seemed to come from all of us. Sometimes we thought we could hear what sounded like footsteps or knocking on the metal close to us. I am somewhat of a skeptic and could give my fiance a believable reason for the noises we were hearing. Not much different than the jock in a slasher film consoling the girlfriend in her underwear just before they bite the bullet. We were making our way towards the northen wall of the building. The corridor comes to a T and our flashlights/phones started to cut in and out and it could cold. Very cold. My fiance began to shake and I like to think we could see our breath. Once at the T I turned to the right with my fiances hand in mine. All of a sudden, I felt what seemed like a hand come down, hard, on the top of my head and the fingers start to move through my hair. I screamed, swatted at my head and turned. My light came on for a brief second and I saw a rat twisting on its back just before it found its feet and took off. So their was no ghost experience, but the eeriness of the place and the sudden startle of the rat did make my poop my pants. Literally.
by Peter Chinly
no one
The Sloss attration itself wasn't scary but when I went through the furnace I was grabbed on the behind. I thought it was my boyfriend but he was 3 persons behind me. It happened again and I turned around to see a person in an old workers uniform. I thought it was one of the workers but when I told one of the officers he said that there was no one wearing that type of costume in the furnace. That truly scared me and thats why I plan on going again next year.
by slendergirl
DESCENT was awesome !
we came to Sloss last season and did all 3 trails...but descent into darkness was by far my favorite...the actors working the woods where very good and scary..we came from the miss. gulf coast and we had a blast!cant wait for next year...
by Joshua
The real deal!
This place is the real deal. If you go to the furnace you will find out why its really haunted. You can feel the energy within this place. Hard to put in words. Fog machines, air bags, jumbo movie screens, more than enough monsters. Do some research on this place and you will find out why and how Sloss got haunted. This place is worth every penny of twenty-two dollar.
by Josh Pitts, Hueytown, Alabama
All I know is something evil lives in that furnace. Be warned. Never go on a Sunday thats when things get real...
by anonymous
Me and my ex oyfriend Bobby use to break in and wonder the grounds of sloss at night. We use to get naked and mess around alot there. One night we were in the tunnel and I saw a black fitgure that called me to it. I got closer and felt like something had knocked me out. Bobby said I just blacked out. Later that night I had a feeling that I was not acting like my self. I attacked Bobby and was speaking in toungues. I contacted a guy that claimed to be a paranormal expert. I was told that a demon had taken over my body. I struggled with this for almost two years. The guy that was the expert in paranormal stuff was a fake and I belive caused it to become worse over the years. I finally found some one that helped me get ride of this thing. To anyone that goes to Sloss day time or night be careful. That dark force is still there and looking to take someone else.
by noodles
one night me and my friends came down to have a "ghostly" experence and after about three houres of walking around and talking to are selfs, we decited to leve. right before i got my stuff and left i took a few pictures on my phone with the ention of a cool wallpaper. later that night i was going through them and saw a verry strange figure on the photo of one of the towers. clere as day, thire was a man standing on the second level that wrapted around the tower. he had a beerd and long dark hair. verry cool in my oppenion!!
by willam neff
from the road
I was driving on the bridge next to sloss. Ive gone that way hundreds of times. November 18th around 9.30 I saw a light on one of the towers moving around. I thought it was strange for some one to be up there at night . I slowed my car to get a better look. The light went out and came back on at the bottom of the tower. I was only a few seconds between the move . I stopped and watched it move around for a few more seconds until it went out. I wont go there that was spookey and messed up.
by jimbo
paranormal investigations
I have been to Sloss three different occasions with the pyes and no paranormal group i was in GHOUL Ghost Hunters of Unusual Leagues. Twice during the day and we went for a night investigation, each time we gathered evidence or had several personal experiences. one time we were down stairs in the boiler room by the little bridge using a K4 meter which is an EMF meter was asking ye and no questions. had a very long conversation with a spirit. it was definantly an intelligent haunting. also have some pics. one member has a pic of what looks like a man on the cat walk looking down and he is nothing but flames like he was on fire. Could it have been Slag? Who knows all I know I believe it to be haunted!!!
by Lori
The office of Slag
I used to work at sloss and was a monster and work at the roadkill cafe. In my 4 year I had arrived early and decided to tour the place with my two brothers and mother, It was creepy just being the only ones there. So me and my brother decided to walk into the office next to the bathrooms in the very back of the furnace trail.When we walked i it was like gravity and life was just dissapearing, and for a minute I couldn't move. It was very creepy and to this day it freaks me out. Slag is def real
by Shelby
OMG tried to kill me
I went with my boyfriend and we had to split up and when we did something was dragging me away and that's not all then I heard something say GO AWAY AND STAY AWAY!!!! then I just thought it was someone trying to pull a prank on me so I said NO!! then something dragged me back started choking me and dragged me to the ground then it said GO AWAY AND STAY AWAY!!! again once I got away I ran to my boy friend he asked me what happen and I told him I dint what to talk about it
by destiny
push by sloss
i went there on a trip with my school my friend would not come with me wen i had to get my hat cause it flew off my head and i was by myself and i heard someone say move it u magete then i was shove.
by shell
The Foreman pinched me
This was ten years ago, my son was a ten ager then. We were waiting to go in at the outdoor waiting area where folding chairs were arranged so you could watch the movie playing. It was "Jeepers Creepers" and my son and were sitting off to the side with our backs to the partition. As I was complaining about the movie being srupid, something pinched my side hard enough to make me jump. My son jumped also and said something pinched him too, I could see both of his hands rsting on his thighs so I knew it wasn't him playing a prank. There was no other people around us at the time. Just one of those things I suppose.
by Jo Ellen Roberson
It was me and my bf .. All I can say it's really good. I was so scared!!!
by ashley
It was a great time. We took two 19 yr old girls and they were scared before we got in the parking lot. We will be back.
by Sondra H
I'm 11 and I thought this was so much fun. We had a group of boys behind us that were FREAKING out. It was sooooo funny. For people that are scared, it's not that bad. It's really cool.
by Avery
Scariest night of my life
Me and my friend went and we were both scared but then even before we went in to the woods trail my friend started to faint she was okey so we wnt on in. I thought it would be fun but IT WASNT i was soooooo scared i thought i was going to die. I started to have a panic attack and stared to scream and cry because the people wouldnt stop folowing me and im only 13, they kept saying they were going to kill me and chop me into pieces, I had tio have the security escort me out because iwas frozen with fear... I have never felt anything like that in my entire life.So if you dont like things that can scare i sugesst u stay at home....
by Grayson
The thing
So like it was me and my dad, right. We were walking through the woods and something just ran in front of us and we didn't know what it wass. So we just kept going until it kept doing it and then we heard something laugh and my dad said okie thats enough your scareing my daugther. he finally stopped and when we got to the part were we had to split up and something just pulled him away from me and and i went on the wrong trail and got scared, Finally my dad found me but my experince was really really scary!!
by Bailee
cat scratch
Last year I went to sloss with one of my friends and while we were waiting in line to go into the furnace he was telling me his past experience about sloss. He went down to the basement one to get something that someone had told him to go get and all he had was his phone to see things and he was walking and felt what was a cat and he shined his phone down to look around to see if he saw anything...there was nothing. he grabed what he needed and when he was standing there he felt it again on his leg. when he went upstaires where there was light he lifted up his pants leg and found 3 long scratches going down his leg and to this day he said he still has the scars from them on his leg.
by liz
Definitely Haunted
while going through the inside trail, i was behind my boyfriend and was holding his shirt tail, we got into a really small, confined area and it felt as if my hand was pulled from his shirt. like not just pulled, YANKED, as if someone was angry that i was holding on to him. it scared me to death and i will NEVER forget that experience.
by Liv
Pushed camera
I was up in Birmingham this last spring. I like old industrial places, love a little history mixed in with mechanical items and machines. I am not one to be quick to "believe" in ghosts not am I one to look for the paranormal, however during my visit, I was taking pictures, many pictures. I put my camera through a broken window to snap a shot of one of the machines, just then my camera (with me holding it) was pushed in the opposite direction from where I was pointing the lens, I thought I might have either hit something or just got the camera caught on the window frame, I pulled the camera out, took a look at everything and put the camera back in the window....nothing, It did not get hung up on the window....I then realized that it was physically moved....I left believing that there are "spirits" or "ghosts" at the Sloss furnace.
by Greg MacDonald
So,I've never been to sloss but I might be going next weekend[October 6,2012]with my boyfriend and some friends. I'm reading a ton of personal experiences and I'm TERRIFIED.! But I'm also excited cause I wanna see what Slag has to offer! Two of my friends that went a few years ago,both said they got slapped while in the basement and I read a story on here where someone got slapped. I'm ready but I'm not.! I'm full of anticipation.! Well,yea.!~ Bye.. Wish me luck and hope I dont pee my pants.!
by Livi
Ghost from the boiler room
Several years ago, I was a memeber of the Alabama Paranormal Society and we did an investigation at Sloss. In one of my photos that I radomly took in the boiler room and captured a figure of a man sitting on the metal step near the back of the boiler room. I still have the photo.
by Rhonda
foot steps behind me and more
as i was walking in the tunnel it got real cold and then i kelp hearing foot steps behind me and of corse no one was there, i have Pic of different orb from diferent areas at sloss. all this happend in the day time
by Jaclyn
was about to get in the car and I saw a shadow in the reirveiw winow the figure was taller than me and then I got out of the car and went to the gift shop and heard a scream I know this sounds so usual but It happend!!!
by Lilly
The Ghost
When I was at Sloss Fright Furnace with my family, I saw a weird looking shape. It looked like like a ghost. It also looked like a girl floating in mid-air. When I got out of the Furnace, I felt a cold chill running through my body. I think the girl was a daughter to one of the workers. Also when I got out of the Furnace it felt like the girl was hugging me. I was shocked to see a ghost at Sloss Furnace. So were ever you are at Sloss Furnace, there will always be a ghost a round you. Damian Boteler 7/15/2012
by Damian Boteler
Who knows.
So I went through the outdoor trail with my dad and bestfriend last Halloween. Me and my friend were holding on to each other for whatever reason. We were exiting this wooded house and had just passed 2 actors. There were no actors around and I felt soemone grab my left elbow softly. I was wearing a jacket yet it was so cold like bone chilling. I could feel it through my jacket. I thought it could've been my dad but he was walking ahead. My friend was holding my arm on the right. I looked around and there was no one behind us just in front of us. Then as I looke forward I felt someone blow on my ear and whisper something inaudible. Then of course actors came out and scared the shit out of my still racing heart.I can't debunk this experience as anything bc I'm not sure what happened. But if anyone asks, of course I'm a a believer.
by emilyyy
i went to atrox and i thought that was scary but then i went next year to sloss and im 13 and i almost pissed my self even though a 35 year old dude shit himself i laghed at some stuff but this place is way fucking better than atrox. BUT IM NOT YOUR NORMAL TEENAGER JUST SAYIN!!!!!
by the hanted
I was There with a few Of my friends we were just hanging out and having a great time The clown Scared me BUT THIS WAS DIFFRENT!........ Last time the clown scared me but... nEXt time...... It happened I was with a few diffrent friends........... AND..... I wonder off I little bit wanted to Check it out.... And I saw a man..... AND..... then.... I looked more close and he vanished! In thin air.... I GOT TO MY FRIENDS I TOLD THEM... we all came back to that place (with my friends) and I saw him again! At first I thought I was seeing things But then 1 of my friends just WAS FREAKING OUT! my other friend said this to me: I want to see if your right or just CRAZY! I went back to were I saw him BUT.... this is when it happened! I heard voices and Felt strange.......... So did my friend we walked closer and we heard sighs and then we saw THE WORST PART! We looked at the Top of the Furnace AND SAW A GUY FALL IN! but kind of a random feeling........ WE HEAR THE WORDS get back to work! I'm going again
by Kat
If you have a week bladder dont come here because you will easily let a quick piss out if you do.Its so creepy. You will feel things rubbing against you and all kinds of stuff. There isnt a second that will go bye without you having second thoughts about turning around and going home.If you dont like ghost and any other nonliving creatures i would recommend you not coming here >:|
by Nyana
Knowing The History
My friend and myself thought it would be clever to go just us; we were wrong. The minions were everywhere you wouldn't expect them to be in addition the heavy fog added to the idea of not knowing where to go or what you'd run into. Knowing the history of the Furnace doesn't ease the tension either. I personally did plenty of research and it made the atmosphere that much more intense. They say the monsters don't touch you, however I swear someone or something grabbed my ankle in the dark. I'd go back a hundred times over but hopefully won't almost trip from running so fast again.
by Meg
once i was in under ground tunnel at sloss in 3rd grade in mrs.blacks class and i got pushed by someone but i was in the back of the line and my friends asked me why i pushed them and i said it wasnt me so she got at the back so i could prove it and sure enough it happened to her to but she was freezing cold like the gohst was right on top of her she got scared and we went to the front of the line so now im in fith grade and still terrified to go there at all i might get the same experince again ...still cant get over that one someone need s to get that gohst outta there or im ever going there again sorry to say this but yall are kinda loseing bunisses hehe sorry but i did have kinda fun there and a whole lot scared..!!!and pretty much thats my whole experince i just wish my boyfriend was there at that point so i could have walked with him wow ....!!!!fix it or you wont any7 more money for me sweeties and i would come to sloss fright furnace but yall say im to young yall really do need to chage that chizzz kk :)
by baileebug
OMG! this crap was awesome! it was really crazy!!! i saw a little girl and a worker that apparently died there! it was soooooo ugghhhh!! Yall have to go see for ur self its sooo freakin scary!!!
by Appey
Freaking Amazing!
I went there a week ago and it was amazing! so scary and veryy fun :D much better than Atrox, longer and funner. I lost my voice from screaming the next day! Its such a fun thing to do on Halloween, my favorite holiday:))I'm even going again next week with another one of my friends!!
by Andrea
There he is
OK... so i went to sloss with my family october 2010. I was sitting down on the ground watching the movie when my parens went to get some food. I was just sitting there and all of a sudden this man walks up to me and say "get back to work" I thought haha so funny but as it turns out it wasnt a person. Becauses he turned and as he walked away he just vanished. like he was never there... to this day every chance i get i do to Sloss. Tours Stokin the Fire and finally Sloss fright furnace
by littlegirl
when i will 14 i came to the sloss furnace with my mother i was so scared i pee my pants and cried all the away home. sleep with a night light bye my side every night and i am going a again for the fist time in a long time.
by bee
The Fright Night Shift
I was a volunteer working a night at the haunted house with a vet at the Black Hall. I've known about the stories of the ghost at sloss furnace and have always wanted to see if the stories were true. After one group walked down the black hall, i followed after them with my bat and went to recharge the glow paint on my face under the black light. I was hiding in a closet type area and was on my way back to my spot when i noticed someone walking into my place. It was not the guy I was working with and no other group was walking through at the time. I saw workboots belonging to a man going into my hiding place. When i got back to my place, i could feel something cold rubbing my arm and something whispering something inaudible in my ear. It was crazy
by NonVet
Me and my boyfriend were walking throught the tunnel and i saw a man running twards me and i turned around to see if he was still chasing us and he was gone and we started walking back the other was and i felt some on grab me ans i just up and shit me pants i was so imbaressed my boy friend hade to drive me home with the smell of shit in his car.
by Bitchslap
Real Spirit
I went last year and in the tunnel there was a real spirt/ghost whatever you wanna call it. Near the end of the tunnel I looked to my left and there was a face that looked like it was made by a projector or something of the sort but it was pitch black in that tunnel and I did not see anywhere a projector could have been. You also get chills right when you walk in it.
by Ashleigh
I have been here one time, and I am very skeptical to go back. My heart was beating so fast, i was even scared to go to sleep, they grab you and everything. It was a fun night, but i cant say im going back!
by Kimmi
Really great. :)
I went to Sloss with my boyfriend. We were in the second group to go into the woods for the night, and it was really great! Actors coming out of nowhere, following you and scaring you.. The chainsaw people were cool. One was chasing my boyfriend and I and my boyfriend tripped and fell and I fell on him lol. In my opinion, the factory was scarier! The vortex thingy was so trippy omg. It's so confusing. They did a fantastic job in the factory. The only 'ghostly' thing that happened was that two people in our group disappeared. First they were behind my boyfriend and I, and then they got in front of us when we were trying to get away from one of the chainsaws. They were both really tall, so I don't know how we missed them disappearing, but everyone in the group that went on the trail with my boyfriend and I was wondering where and when they disappeared. Creepy! The trails are well worth the money!
by Erin
Glad I finally discovered this section of the website! I went with my aunt, uncle, and sister October 2010 to Sloss for the first time. Knowing the stories of James Wormwood I was curious and anxious to see what Sloss and Slag had to offer. Walking in I started calling out to him asking to make himself known. Of course I wasnt expecting any replies from the after life. When we made our decent into the walk ways that was filled with smoke (just past the black bags hanging from the ceiling) I noticed off to my side someone with a black glove reaching at my face. I ducked and 'wooed' at the guy reaching to me and laughed it off. Shortly after that room We walked up the steps and I was tripped up the steps loosing my shoe which was hanging slightly off the edge of the step. Laughed it off and again and went on. On the car ride home we were talking about everything that happened and my family told me they had each seen someone standing in the fog room. My aunt and uncle saw the shadow of a man on the left side of us and my sister and I saw a man on the right. Keep in mind you can barely see in that particular room. Upon further investigation we found out that no monsters are in that room due to the dense smoke. Weird factor number one.... Why would I have seen someone reaching at my face and the 3 other people I was with each saw a figure at the same time if no one was there? And weird factor number two. When we go home and I was taking my shoes off I noticed blood on the room of my shoes on the heels as if someone grabbed at the heel. On both shoes. No one else had it on theirs and they had white soles. It wasnt on my pants or any where else on my shoes. A year later its still there. Idk what I saw or what went down that night, if it was real or an illusion. All I know is it still creeps me out thinking of it and I'm going back for more this weekend!
by Ashton P
Stayed all night at Sloss all alone one night. Need say more??? Will never do it again. True story. All night.
by sleepy
my big sis and i went there it was so cool and scary and its in my social studies book, ! and our class is going there!!!! lol and im
by lala
Ok today was my firstday at Sloss Furnace and my mom went of and left me in the part where all the machines are and a man in blue walked out of nowhere and just stared me down with these redish eyes and said "get out before i hurt you'' and oh my freiken god i allmost passed out and im only 13 he was big and a huge scar on his face and that was a unforgettible moment in my life
by Stump
The clowns
My very first time at sloss furance was when i was 13 and i was sooo scared i hate clowns and the whole time i was there this one clown followed me around the whole place i was so freaked out......but i had ALOT of fun it was very scary but a huge coming back pretty soon so hopefully no cllowns will be there but they probally will be :/
by Thompson Chick
Chased on the inside AND out
Last year was my first year to ever go to Sloss Fright Furnace. One thing you should know is that I'm the EASIEST to scare.The group of friends that I went with had told me "everything I needed to know" about what I was about to go through. Except they said things a little backwards...they went on to tell me that if I got scared, then they would all leave me alone and I'd be fine. Turns out, it's the exact opposite. I'm deathly afraid of clowns and of course, the first thing I see is a man dressed as a clown. I respond by hiding behind one of my friends and burying my face into his jacket. The man proceeded to taunt me and wouldn't leave. My natural instinct was to run so that's what I proceeded to do until I had about five massive figures chasing behind me. I went everywhere trying to find a safe refuge, even a portal potty...bad idea considering it was hot, and they have speakers in the back of loud screeching and chatter that filled my ears, not to mention that the monsters had bats and axes and they almost tilted the whole thing over with. But when it was finally safe to come out I carried a police officer with me wherever I went haha. Soon though, my tears had dried, but anything could've started me up. I was on alert to everyone. My group was called to go into the furnace and we got in line. But I didn't even last 5 minutes inside the gate before I was surrounded by creepy scary figures who chased me out in numbers. It was like they were hunting me in groups! I couldn't turn or open my eyes without having someone in my face! Thankfully my friend and his mother accompanied me until the rest of my group exited the furnace. Me, being thankful to leave, sprinted toward the exit. By now, you would've thought that I learned my lesson to NOT run or act afraid. But I was READY to leave! the chase started once more and lasted until I was laying on the floor of our car crying trying to tune out the banging on the outside of the car. I waited for my group to reach the car and we went full speed ahead away from the furnace. So here's a tip, if you are as scared as me...DON'T ACT AFRAID! It will egg them on that much more! and wear a sweatshirt of jacket that you can burry your face into when you're scared! it comes in handy when you need it. and out of all the things to do DO.NOT.RUN!
by Caitie J
Black figure in sight
It was May, of 2011. My friends and I were taking about our own paranormal experiences when I told them I thought it was all a joke. Nobody comes back when they die; shortly after that argument we got on the subject of Sloss furnace. I thought it was a hauxce where as the others said I was crazy. My friend Matt drove us all out there by the tunnel. He believed it wasnt a joke or hauxce and wanted to prove my wrong. Matt and I got out of the car and the others stayed in; Matt told me to say and one end of the tunnel and walk to the other end. He headed back to the car without my knowledge; I stood at the end and took 6 steps in.(remember the 6 steps..It's kinda important) and felt something cold brush my arm. I thought I was just getting chills so I took 6 slow steps in again, and something scratched my leg. It was 3 claw marks. It was barely bleeding so I wasn't to alarmed. I took 6 last steps and looked straight ahead of me, there was a man who looked like a worker standing there staring at me. You couldn't see a face just a figure outline of a man who bent down it was almost like he dropped something. I thought it was Matt so I ran out of the tunnel and to the other side to see if it was them playing tricks on me. I called him, and he told me he was in he car with the other girls. I reached the other side to see three lines of 6 scratch with a finger into the dirt. I was freaked and ran to the car. The scratches on my leg opened up by the time I got into the car. It was poring blood and I have 6 stitches on my right calf. I've never gone back and don't plan on it now. I believe in paranormal activity now.
by Lauren
i was walking in the sloss furnace and i suddenly here a loud BOOM it was coming from the top floor then i found bloody footsteps leading to the top floor i reached the top floor there was nothing there
by lagorie
siblings/working there :/
im 12 and i went to sloss with my mom because my sister was working there and wen i was going through i wasnt really scared because i have been there a million times and dont scare easily except the chainsaws hateing those anyway i was walking through with my mom and when we got to the gungeon (before the clown maze) i could hear my sister screaming GET OUT!! and knew she wus gunna do something ........ noone in my group knew she was my sister so when we walked in her part she of course saw me picked me up swung me around and then put me down like she was killing me and it was hilarious because everyone in my group besides my mom was freaking out!!!! it was soooooo funny!!!!!! but i was wearing a white shirt so now theres fake blood on it :'( so if you want some advice : DO NOT WEAR THE COLOR WHITE TP SLOSS!!!!!! unless you want it black when you get home :)
by 0_random_0
Police Offiicer and a unknown man!!
I remember when I went to the Sloss Furnace in the year of 2009 with a group of friends and one of my cousins. Me and my cousin was standing by the palm reader talking and waiting to get our palm read, when I felt someone come up behind us so I turned around.It was a pale, white, police officer with dark brown eyes(appeared black). There was something about him that just wasn't right. He kinda freaked me out and I really didn't want to say anything to him. He asked, "What letter do you have?" Me and my cousin responded by saying, "M." He told us that they called our letter.Me and my cousin didn't hear it so we went over and asked the people what letter they were on and they said "C." So me and cousin went back over to where we were standing before and told the Police Officer that they didn't call our letter. He asked "You sure?" I looked back at the palm reader and she was just finishing up with a couple, and then she asked us, "Who are you two girls talking to?" I said, "The police officer." I turned around and pointed infront of me but he was gone... When me, my cousin, and my friends got our letter called and we beginned the trail, there was a man chasing me so I was running. I turned around to see if he was still chasing me..he wasn't. So, I turned back around and that's when I bumped into the man that was chasing me. I started screaming and ran around him. When I turned back around to see if he was following me, he was gone... I swear, that was the scariest thing I've ever encountered! But when I think back to what happened, it was actually fun and it makes me want to go back and have more weird or ghostly encounters! :)
by Diamond
Apparition of a Bride in her Bridal Gown
My husband,niece, and myself went to frigt night in 2008. As we first started going through the front door we came around into a huge looking like auditorium and this foggy looking bride in her gown came by us and brushed us on our sleeves. The bride just kept staring at my husband. It was just really creepy. After she passed by us she just disappeared into thin air.I am finally getting to go back this year and I cant wait! I,m hoping I will get to see slag and the bride too. I know the story about slag but, I heard there is a story about her too.
by Billie Teague / Bug
I went here with my art teacher but she didn't tell us the place was haunted.But it was me and three other girls that was with me we went down this dark place I don't remember what is was called but you could see a light at the end of the place and i felt something actually grab my leg.I don't know if I was imagining it or was it for real.I believe it was for real because a lot of people died down there.If i would have knewn the place was haunted I would have never sign that permission slip and got on that bus.
by Jazzy
cant wait
i am goin this year and im so ready!!!i have read stories and have done research so its goin 2 be good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!my sis went last year and said she saw a hanging body and she felt some one touch her sholder.i cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by carolyn
1st time going!
i went on halloween w/my boyfriend ,his cousin, and two of my friends it was great we went through the woods and i almost pissed on myself lol. but over all it was great, and scary. im gonna go again this year.
by Kamari
Physical Attack
I went to Sloss on a day tour. When I was in the tunnels by myself I heard a noise behind me and then felt a sharp pain in my back. There was nothing around me or near me I was standing alone in the middle of the tunnels.
by B Cope
A Real Haunted House
I went to Sloss Furnace one year when they were hosting a haunted house I believe it was one of the first years that they had a haunted house there! At the time I had not even heard the stories of Sloss nor did I realize that it was really haunted but I was soon to find that out! I started on the tour threw the furnace we had just began our tour when I turned a corner and saw a man standing between two steel beams in denim overalls with a hat just standing there staring at me, I started to laugh and said why arent they trying to jump out and scare us isnt this suppose to be a scary Haunted House, the tour guide turned around and said who are you talking about and I said that man back there when I turned around and pointed where he was he was gone and she said we havent even gotten into the haunted house yet! must have been old man slag and then she proceeded to tell me who that was I got chill bunps all over! needless to say i was ready to go after that!
by Melissa
Cool evp
Me and my friends frequently go ghost hunting there. My brother was provoking in the basement when he heard and caught on tape "GEEEET OUT." We have also had discussions with the other side with our k2 meter there. We know for a fact there is someone names Paul who died in the tunnel. Sloss furnaces is my favorite place on earth and i have pretty much everything in there gift shop i hope more people visit there.
by Adrian
Me and my girlfriend went on the night of Halloween. It was awesome, but it wasnt that scary. The place was packed. But it is really fun. Dont take little kids cause it is a really really loud place.
by Big T
First ever
it was my first haunted house and i loved it
by Patrick
Trying to kill me? are you slagg ?
While entering the bridge above the Tunnel. I was trying to take a picture of the dual lifts ( the iron slides shaft) and while taking this picture.I was pushed from the waist forward above my butt...and heard steps on the catwalks in the Big wheel room.
by Turtle
So Wanna Go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have never been to the Sloss Furnace but my moms friend Cindy has been there and she said she was so scared and she is 52 but I so wanna go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Laura
Pee my Pants
My first time ever to go in sloss furnace was an experience that I will never forget... My step son and I were both surprised at what had happened..We came to the clown section and I hate clowns so bad, but when I looked up over the wall I seen a little boy looking back at freaked me out. He was just hanging there looking down..well after it was over we made it out too the parking lot and my step son was tslking about a little boy he had seen in the same place, spot and it really freaked us out...We still keep coming back though
by Tina
When i was driving up 2 sloss i saw a figure staring at me....i freaked maybe tonight i will see him again
by Snake Bite
ok so ive never been to it but today in social studies we watched vides and my teacher acctually has been there. she showed us pic but in the last pic there was her fren bye the wheel and she took and pic and wen she downloaded it there were orbs all over the place .. now i wanna goo!(:
by annoymous
Best all time
Ive been to slosses furnace and this time was the best time. My girlfriend said she wanted to be scared, because she never gets scared and when we got done she said it was the best one shes been to. So if you want to be scared go to the furnace and see if you can go threw without wanting to get out . but I suggest you watch the videos on the furnace website to get the history of the sloss it makes it so much scarier.
by jeremy
i work at sloss and its not bad if u dont know the history but if u do u know ghost r there especially slag the manager the top dog or watever u want to call him and his workers.Sloss is haunted and me and my friend were walking there at night getting ready to work in the haunted house and so we were walking and were hit in the back and heard a voice say we were lazy and got no brake so we think slag thought we were workers and thinks he still works there.
by Worker
We went to Sloss this past weekend{Oct 22}I have never been this was my first time,and it was awesome!!!Now on to the best part.We were standing in line waiting to start the Sloss haunted tour.I was beyond excited:}When out the corner of my left eye I see something on the very top of the highest silo{Big Alice},this man just looking at me.I look at him acknowledge him and he disappears.I immediately tell my husband and Sister-in law did you see that.There like NO what. At this point I'm just not sure what I saw.I look back and there is this man standing,looking at me then he starts walking to the edge of the rail and looks like he is about to throw himself over the railing,he is just dangling there .Then he disappeared again.We start the tour and the whole time I feel as if I'm being followed.I'm in the catwalk and alone I lagged behind do NOT do this.Then out of nowhere I got pushed Hard!!My husband comes to find me.I'm freaking out.The rest of the way I'm feeling sick on fire..I swear to the Lord almighty the ghost of James Robert Wormwood was following us.Because the moment I got out of that place I didn't fell him.Now I'm sure most people when they hear Ghost stories they think well fake not real{unless they see it with there OWN two eyes!!}.I can assure you this is real.Sloss is 100%HAUNTED!I have the Ability to Channel,I'm Clairvoyant,and I have.E.S.P.,so this isn't my first GHOST:}I will be coming back I'm planning a private tour.Cant wait.
by Bonnie
Excellent fright fest! Went tonight (10/16) with the family and a couple friends and had a blast. The Sloss Furnace has some interesting history that definitely adds to the terror. Some nice catering, souveniers and great actors, was a bit crowded but was well worth the wait and it quickly became obvious why it is so popular. Don't forget to get your picture taken by Little Red Riding Hood at the photo spot, she's a cutie ;-)
by Sandman
Amazing Time!
Me and my friend went to Sloss the other night, and it was the BEST haunted experience I've ever had! Usually I don't get scared easily, but this time I was caught off guard about 20 times! I hope they make more trails, I had so much fun. Thanks!!
by Katrina
first time ever
mi first time at sloss furnace waz really scary..i went thru with 2 other friends and i didnt make it all the way through
by nakiah
hey im form jemison Al and my dad is taken me and my sister and a couple of our friends to sloss this (saturday october 16th 2010) im terrified bc ive never been but they all have!!! from reading the things on this site im so nervouse ab going:-0 but i will be ok with my dad and my friends there to protect me;) i think i will have a good time thers like 16 of us going so i will just stand in the middle haha:)ok well nice to write<3 CAN'T WAIT TO VISIT SLOSS!!!!!!!!!!
by shelby hines(17ys)
Sloss and the Haunted trail!
This was so much fun, it was fun for my first haunted house ever. it actally wasn't too scary! the trail was scarier cause you couldn't see, and you get lost ALOT! People have said its haunted but im not sure about it (: will see! just be up for being confused and lost! and if you're closterfobic but up for it!
by Madison Harbin!
Two moms came last night and brought 7 kids to the Sloss Haunted House. It has to be one of the scariest haunted houses I've been to. All of us loved it. The 3 D room was our favorite !!!!! The clown and the little jester boy were great outside !!!!
by two moms with 7 kids
i went with a group of friends and my boyfriend lastnight. it was scary as hell and i love scary things. this really did creep me out even thoughi know they were fake. the people working definaltey know how to do what they are doing. they are so scary. ive never seen anyhting scarier.the chainsaws are what got me!
by korri
im scared already....
Well me and my friends are are goin to the Sloss Furnace on the 16th and it's me and like 18 other people who are all good friends. but we wanted to do something bigger and better for Halloween. From what ive heard and read already.....its freakin scary!! i hope i have a good time.
by Bailey.(:
Last year on October, 18th 2009/ My first visit, to Sloss Fright Fernace.. Ok, last year at about this time. Is when, I went. I wasn't expecting any of this! If your going to go, All I can say is be AWARE! It's scary as f**k. Me & my friend Shelby, are going on the 15th. I've heard stories about this place, & most of them were true. So, I've heard. I actually, experienced onee. Alright, well we were all in line getting ready to walk in. & this girl, & her boyfriend were behind us.. & as we were half way through, I glanced back real fast as we went into the spinning room. & noone was behind us. So, I was ofcourse freaking out!! & When, we finished the tour. We asked, the Manager about them two. & He said they have came up missing.. So, we gave him our number to keep in touch if they appeared. & the man called two days later. They had arrived back. He said the boy & girl, didn't know what happened. Had no clue, at all. No memory of even entering Sloss! So, all im saying is if your going. Be willing to take the consequences. Your actions, your descions, your consequences, right? Welp, guess you'll find out. Have funn!(:
by Grace!
I've never been to Sloss but I'm scared as hell. I have heard that it's super scary. Can't wait to go because of the new stuff and the woods. I get scared easily but I'm gonna get freinds to come to save me.LOL
by Cori
okk i really wanna go here..but i havee been readding on it andd it seems really flippin scary..i have been to atrox like a 100 timess..but atrox isn't really i am really and my friend shelby andd my mom aree gonnaa comee..i hope it scares the shit out of my mom tho..cause she says nothing can scare her..but i know for a fact this hunted house will..hopefully..idk which trail i should do tho..i think i will just pay $20 to do i will see you the 27th sloss fright furnace.!(:
by shelby h.
die hard fan
I been going to Sloss every year since they open and havent been disappointed..I can't wait to see the woods trail..there only one name they says fright and its Sloss
by the candy man
my friend grace wants me to go with her to sloss bt ive been reading things on this site and im scared to death bu im still probaly goen to go bc ive never been but im so scared..GRACE U OWE ME:-)
by shelby H.
by OMG!!!!!!!
I went like 7 times last year it was totally awesome. I took my kids and they with a new trail this year I know I will be the first in line!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by kaleena
night of the liveing dead
me and my best friend went to sloss furnace in 08 and it was fun but scary and me and my friend was walking around but it was not halloween yet so we just went there to look around and i was looking up at big alice and i saw a men and he was just walking and then i saw was like he was about to jump so i moved andthen right after that i saw he disapared and it was crazy so walked around some more and i saw my friend looking at something and i ask what she was looking at and she could not talk so i look and it was a little girl just standing there and she start to walk right by us and i just wanna to run out of there and then i tured around and she was gone and that when me and my friend left there and that the last time i was there...
by ashley
I went to sloss with a group of friends in october 2009. I am very scared easily and was so nervous! Though it says the monsters cannot touch you, they get REALLY close. Sloss is a great mix of fun, and being scared. I would reccomend YOU GO. I am going back this year, 2010, and I just gotta keep my eyes closed and run as fast as I can to get the hell outta that maze!
by Lauren
Clown Maze
I worked Sloss a few yrs ago (2005-6) and was in the clown maze. Any of the workers know we have sections to keep too many monsters from being clustered. Where I was positioned I could hear a group coming, but I saw a sihouette of someone at the end of the hall in my section. They appeared lost as if trying to find the way out and I knew the last group had went through a LONG time ago so I decided to investigate, but never found the source of the silhouette.
by Bluddie
The 1st time I ever went to sloss I was very happy about knowing the history about this awsome place. While being scared already about walking through the darkness I felt like every time I'd walk their was a cold chill on my face. Then I was walking up some stairs and a guy was banging a shovel I saw the shovel virbartion on the ground and a sound saying stop now.. so I stoped and looked at the scarey guy and I said please stop u arent scareing me at all but theirs a ghost yelling at u so stop and listen. He takes his mask off and looks at me.. U haer that I told u that I did. So he was scared and ran out of the place and out into the parking lot. Im a believer about Sloss done some resurch.. Very much so when a spirt inter acts with u sometimes be afraid run like crazy. Or stop and listen to what it has to say.. I and a ghost wisper so where ever theirs a ghost im the one who knows it is their.. give me paper and a pen and a nice chair.. They will write to me and ill show u what they want u to do or just leave them alone.. This is all true ive got a ghost in my room that likes to move stuff and write to me at night.. It's crazy but it's all the truth..
by Christy
i want work
when i went back again this year i was in the tunnel and i heard the words PST hey you you want in were tired of slag. When i was starting to respond in on what i was feeling like was being scratched very slowly like a rug burn.
by leroy
by nay
ghost photos
I have several photographs that show someone extra that was not there. These were taken in November 2009 and March 2010. In the gravel area behind the furnace by the train tracks, everytime I raised the camera to my face I heard footsteps running around behind me. One photo has 1/2 torso and head as well as my model, another has 8 faces, yet another at the fence has my model and a figure coming thru the fence. This place is HAUNTED.
by Mike Dubwa
My gf and I took her son to Sloss for the first time. He loved it and read every marker we could find. He loves history but scares fairly easy. We didn't tell him about the haunted history we wanted him to enjoy the trip. He wanted to go down into a tunnel near the old train. I agreed to walk down with him, my gf refused to go along knowing the history. We made it to the base of the stairwell, I stepped on to the landing. As soon as his foot hit the last stair we heard "NO!" yelled from the other end of the tunnel. My stepson ran back up while I turned to look. There was no one in the tunnel but me, the daylight was pearing down the other stairs and my gf was at the top. I don't know who didn't want a young innocent in the tunnel but I refuse to take him back there.
by Cruz
Me and my friends went on a hunt for paranormal activity. At the end of the railroad tracks at the other side looked like a appercian it looked like it had a hard hat on and had a limp people say it's Slag but some people say it's just the other people that got killed in the explosion that's there trying to get with there family and loved ones!!!!!!!!!!
by Aleigh

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