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Several paranormal investigations have been done at Sloss Furnace and captured on video.

Sloss on Scariest Places in America
An investigative team explores Sloss Furnace, and finds some shocking evidence.

CBS Investigates Sloss Furnace
The unexplained team discovers machines that move by themselves, shadows, and even screams.

Sloss on Ghost Adventures
A psychic investigates Sloss Furnace on the hit Travel Channel show, Ghost Adventures, and catches spontaneous bleeding on tape.


In the Press

Hundreds of websites, local, and national publications have written about Sloss Fright Furnace.

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Personal Experiences

New Pair of Shorts

"My fiance and I went to Sloss late at night outside of operating hours (shhh dont't tell). We were using the flashlights on our phones to explore the maze of catwalks, stairs, and pipework. We heard ominous noises the entire time that seemed to come from all of us. Sometimes we thought we could hear what sounded like footsteps or knocking on the metal close to us. I am somewhat of a skeptic and could give my fiance a believable reason for the noises we were hearing. Not much different than the jock in a slasher film consoling the girlfriend in her underwear just before they bite the bullet. We were making our way towards the northen wall of the building. The corridor comes to a T and our flashlights/phones started to cut in and out and it could cold. Very cold. My fiance began to shake and I like to think we could see our breath. Once at the T I turned to the right with my fiances hand in mine. All of a sudden, I felt what seemed like a hand come down, hard, on the top of my head and the fingers start to move through my hair. I screamed, swatted at my head and turned. My light came on for a brief second and I saw a rat twisting on its back just before it found its feet and took off. So their was no ghost experience, but the eeriness of the place and the sudden startle of the rat did make my poop my pants. Literally...."

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Haunted History

The frightening history of Sloss Fright Furnace is perhaps one of the reasons it is is listed as one of the top 100 places in the world for paranormal activity.

Over the course of its history, thousands of workers lost their lives due to accidents, explosions, and perhaps even murder.

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sloss fright furnace • largest haunted house in birmingham, alabama
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