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Several paranormal investigations have been done at Sloss Furnace and captured on video.

Sloss on Scariest Places in America
An investigative team explores Sloss Furnace, and finds some shocking evidence.

CBS Investigates Sloss Furnace
The unexplained team discovers machines that move by themselves, shadows, and even screams.

Sloss on Ghost Adventures
A psychic investigates Sloss Furnace on the hit Travel Channel show, Ghost Adventures, and catches spontaneous bleeding on tape.


In the Press

Hundreds of websites, local, and national publications have written about Sloss Fright Furnace.

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Personal Experiences

bing touched

"I was at sloss one holloween night a some on was pushing me and I look back to tell them stop pushing me but no one was their. I went on the cat walk one day in the day time just looking around cause I new some one who work their and I was scratched on my back and pushed. I look back and no one was their so I got the hell out of their and once I was by my car and my friend said jimmy Kyser u have scratches on ur neck and he look at my back cause it was burning and I pulled my shirt off and their was three scratches on my back. I will tell u this I won't be going back their again...."

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Haunted History

The frightening history of Sloss Fright Furnace is perhaps one of the reasons it is is listed as one of the top 100 places in the world for paranormal activity.

Over the course of its history, thousands of workers lost their lives due to accidents, explosions, and perhaps even murder.

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sloss fright furnace • largest haunted house in birmingham, alabama
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