Sloss Furnace in the Press

"At night, this old building, now a national landmark, still echoes with noises from its perilous past. Screams are heard, apparitions are seen, and on the second floor of the Blower Building, there's the sinister presence known as "Slag," an overly cruel foreman who can still be heard belittling his crew."
--From episode of Ghost Adventurers on The Travel Channel

"There have been several apparitions seen at Sloss Furnace. In reviewing the picture that displays the workers that served at the facility in employment, witnesses to paranormal activity have been able to identify these two particular individuals in the picture. In addition to this, several other spirits are believed to linger around the facility. There are also several different other hauntings that are said to occur at this facility."
--From Haunted Places to Go

"Numerous spectral sightings of a former ironworker who perished many years ago in this historic blast furnace have established Sloss Furnace as a major supernatural crossroads."

"Sloss is a must-see for anyone interested in paranormal occurrences, as it is fairly accessible through public events held there, and it is seems to be something of a hotbed of paranormal activity."
--Mythical Blaze

"Sightings have been recorded year round, as have phantom voices and footsteps. The violent attacks, however, seem to happen during the months of September and October, usually during the old graveyard shift hours. However, it might be best, if one goes, to look busy. Slag doesn't like slackers."
--Dread Central

"As I stood next to one of the gigantic machines, I sensed that someone, a male, had lost a hand or an arm while working at this piece of equipment. "Do you get anything else, like a name?" Patti asked me. "Samuel," I answered quickly. Suddenly, Patti gasped and said, "Look at your hand!" There was fresh blood on my palm and yet, on close inspection, we found no visible sign - a cut or an injury - for the source of the blood."
-- From episode featured on Airline! on the A&E Network

"Make no mistake, Sloss Furnace is spooky....many of our crew refused to go back in...we encountered cold spots, orbs, and even machinery that seemed to run on its own..."
--Unexplained Team, CBS News

"Being at Sloss is like standing before the gates of hell....Would I every go back here by myself? No Sir. "
--Fox's Scariest Places on Earth

"This abandoned steel mill is haunted. It is filled with the spirits of workers who, for whatever reason, have refused to move on. Caution is advised for thrill-seekers who want to explore Sloss....Casper the friendly ghost certainly does not live there."
--Beyond Chance, Lifetime TV

"The power of the Fright Furnace is its haunted history. You don't know if the ghosts are fake or real. A 30-minute stroll through this 1880s steel mill in downtown Birmingham is guaranteed to chill."
--The Decatur Daily

"Sloss Fright Furnace has an environment & trail that is one of a kind...In all Sloss is haunted by the souls of dead Furnace workers."
--Haunted Attraction Magazine

"Birmingham Alabama's premiere haunted attraction! The Sloss Fright Furnace will leave you horrified."
--Haunt Seach

"There have been hundreds of sightings and reports of paranormal activity in Sloss Furnace, and the infamous furnace tunnel, through which the haunted house takes its final stretch, is certified by the National Association of Psychics as one of the most haunted locations in the world."
--By Matt Scalici, The Crimson White

"Considered by many to be the most haunted places in the South....whether you are interested in things like that or not."
By Cullen Brown, The Tuscaloosa News

"Sloss Furnaces has been the focus of numerous paranormal investigations, and has appeared on many national television programs about haunted sites. The site has been billed as one of the nation's most haunted sites with reports of hundreds of unexplained occurrences over the years."
--Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

"The best thing about Sloss is that it takes a long time to get through it. The atmosphere of the old foundry is awesome, and the length of time roaming the grounds helps add to the tension."
--By Cody Minor,

"Sloss Furnace is also one of America's most haunted places (been featured on many national programs). Reports of the paranormal began about 100 years ago after the night foreman fell into a vat of molten iron ore. Since then there have been hundreds of accounts of paranormal activities."

"It is nearly impossible not to feel the psychic energy that Sloss Furnace emits like the factory fumes it once produced... Even during the day, you keep looking over your shoulder, wondering who, or what, is following you...."
--Cast in Iron: Days of Sloss, Alabama Experience

"There have been more than 100 incidents in the police records of unexplained events at Sloss Furnaces. There is something going on out there that's not quite right."
--Lt. Robert Davis, Birmingham Police Officer, Slag: The Legend

"This is just not some Halloween house with a bunch of people running around with rubber masks. Several paranormal investigative teams have documented that this place is haunted with hundreds of spirit sightings…"
--Alison Roberts, Attraction News

The only question you have to ask yourself "Are all the spooks I will encounter only actors?"

"Sloss Furnace is a place with a silence that still speaks profoundly for those with the ability to hear it."
-- Mobile Press Register

"Persons working crews from parties have reported hearing footsteps, seeing figures, is one bad-ass venue. "
-- Vibe Magazine

"I've been here 11 years, and I can't say that I believe all of the stories that I've heard about this place, but I do think that something is here. I can't explain it. It's like a force or something. I'll be walking around here by myself and see something out of the corner of my eye, something like the shape of a person. It will be here for a minute, then it will be gone. I can't explain it. "
-- Ron Bates, Alabama GhostLore

"Over the years many investigations have been done at The Sloss Furnaces, among them by television crews and professional paranormal investigators. Whether skeptics or believers, anyone who goes into The Sloss Furnaces can agree on one thing: There is something there, and it isn't friendly. "
-- Terrorvision Television,

"Sloss Furnace with it's haunted history is a creepy place, and well worth the trip. "

"Sloss is home to major paranormal sightings and the rare physical assaults. It is interesting to note that the majority of these reports happen in the months of September and October at night, during the old 'graveyard shift."
-- Alabama Roadside Horrors,

"The haunting's of Birmingham, AL's creepy metal/hardcore venue Sloss Furnaces, which has held shows for such bands as FEAR FACTORY, MARILYN MANSON and RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE, have reported a number of ghost sightings, as well as phantom voices and footsteps."
-- Blistering Magazine

"Unlike the ghostly voice of a woman saying "It's hot" captured a few weeks ago at Sloss Furnaces in Birmingham, a review of the recording at the Sykes building revealed no ghostly answers. "
-- The Decatur Daily

"There are reportedly over 60 deaths on record at this plant, so it would be little wonder that Sloss Furnace is haunted. Reports of a severely burnt man have been reported, as well as whistles that blow even though no "living" soul is about."
-- North Alabama Paranormal Research Society

"Seen on Fox's scariest places, a visit [to Sloss] did not disappoint. It is so large that it takes all day to walk around, and you are sure to see a ghost or two."
-- Yahoo Travel Guide

"The premiere fright event of the Southeast."

"One of the highest rates of unnatural energy ever encountered."
-- Nightly.Net

"No ghost hunting expedition of the South would be complete without visiting Sloss Furnaces, possibly the most haunted location in the United States."
--by Christopher K. Coleman, Dixie Spirits: True Tales of the Strange and Supernatural in the South


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