Descent into Darkness

Are you ready to face your deepest, darkest, fears armed with nothing but a flickering light?

Prepare yourself for the terror of Sloss Woods, where terror lurks behind every tree, and horror creeps down from the night sky.

Try to make your way through a twisted path of psychopaths, monsters, and the assorted creatures that haunt the Worker Graveyard to get to your final destination, where you are forced to surrender your light and make your descent into darkness.

In a pitch black catacomb of mayhem, thirsty vampires seek your blood, and terrifying flashes of abominations crawl through the walls.

Your heart starts to race as panic sets in, your group begins to splinter and you find yourself alone and lost.

Nobody is coming to help you. It's just you. The beasts. And the darkness.

And as a reward for making it through this trail, you'll descend 100 feet down the blind slide and enter the new Carnival of Carnage, a carnival gone horribly wrong.

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Due to the intense nature of DESCENT INTO DARKNESS, nobody under the age of 14 will be admitted without an adult guardian or parental consent form.

Roadkill Cafe

Before you experience the trail, amuse yourself in our Roadkill Cafe.


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sloss fright furnace • largest haunted house in birmingham, alabama
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