A Real Haunted House

I went to Sloss Furnace one year when they were hosting a haunted house I believe it was one of the first years that they had a haunted house there! At the time I had not even heard the stories of Sloss nor did I realize that it was really haunted but I was soon to find that out! I started on the tour threw the furnace we had just began our tour when I turned a corner and saw a man standing between two steel beams in denim overalls with a hat just standing there staring at me, I started to laugh and said why arent they trying to jump out and scare us isnt this suppose to be a scary Haunted House, the tour guide turned around and said who are you talking about and I said that man back there when I turned around and pointed where he was he was gone and she said we havent even gotten into the haunted house yet! must have been old man slag and then she proceeded to tell me who that was I got chill bunps all over! needless to say i was ready to go after that!

Submitted by Melissa

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