Ok, first off, this was so f’in scary! My boyfriend and me somehow got stuck at the very end of the line, which was CRAZY b/c they all targeted us. The first guy that talks about Sloss really freaked me out b/c he followed me SO CLOSE and I could feel him breathing on my neck! The person that scared me the MOST though was the very first woman I saw when your going down the cat walk thing and she’s standing there.

She got SO CLOSE to me and kept following me I thought I was about to die!! Plus, I did feel like, in some places, that someone was there, but when I turned around there would be no one. I do believe there are real ghosts there. It has that feeling all the way.

You guys did a GREAT job!! I loved the vortex! That shit was AWESOME!!!! The whole thing was terrifying, which I loved!!! B/c if it wasn’t scary, I would have felt like I wasted time and money…but I feel that it was worth it!!

Everyone considering going….go for it! You will NOT be disappointed!! I PROMISE!!! Thanks Sloss for a GREAT time!!! Can’t wait to go again!!

Submitted by Brittany

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