Outbreak 2

Expanded in 2015

After the success of Outbreak over the past two years, our guests have demanded more — so we are giving it to them. In spades.

The new OUTBREAK 2 has expanded into the woods and includes a zombie infested forest, a 300 foot slide into darkness, a truly terrifying urban maze, and more suprises and twists around every turn.

Get Ready to Run

Zombies at Outbreak
Zombies at Outbreak

OUTBREAK 2 is designed for people who want to experience the zombie apocalypse.

Filled with crawl spaces, climbing walls, tunnels, and more, you will zig and zag through a terrifying obstacle course with zombies trying to infect you at every turn.

I want to be a Survivor

The path through OUTBREAK 2 is filled with choices. You decide when to crawl through small spaces, climb over zombie traps, hide in the dark, or take the simple path around obstacles.

There is no ‘safe’ route, but some paths are easier than others. Figuring out where to go and the best way to get there is part of the challenge.

Anybody (regardless of age or physical fitness) can participate in Outbreak — but only a few will get through without being infected.

Purchase your pass when you enter Sloss Fright Furnace, and make your way to the contaminated area over at the North side of the plant.

You will be placed in sanctuary until it is time for you to try to escape.

I want to Be a Zombie

Feeling hungry, eh? You love the smell of fresh brains and don’t mind hunting down victims in the dark? You sound like our kind of person.

Purchase your pass and make your way to the North side of the plant and enter the Zombie containment tent. There you will need to be professionally made-up, and go through Zombie school.

After being properly ‘Zombified’, you will be placed in the trail where you get to chase and scare runners for 30 to 45 minutes. Plus we give awards for the best Zombies, so make sure you come ready to scare.

Zombie Limit

There are a certain number of Zombie slots available every hour Outbreak is open. Tickets are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.