The Conjuring Room

An extreme frightening and psychological experience of the mind, brought to you by creator  who was a consultant with the “Wizarding World of Harry Potter” and was also the creepy magic character “Psycho Jack” from America’s Got Talent.

The cost of The Conjuring room is $4 and is a separate ticket not included in the package ticket.

About the Conjuring Room

The Conjuring Room happens to be a real house that was used back in the early 1940’s as a real seance room for rasing the spirits of the dead.

Mrs Edna Hill was a medium that lived on a plantation in south Georgia where her husband and family grew cotton. Edna had people from all over the country visit her to talk to loved ones that passed. But only night during one of her rituals something went wrong and something else passed through a supernatural doorway into the room.

Tables and chairs flew up into the air and crashed to the ground and several people were injure and one was killed. After that event, Eda was never the same again. She passed away a year later. Some folks said that in her last hours that she was screaming to the top of her lungs and thought she was on fire!

The house was soon boarded up, never to be entered again. But throughout the years many who were curious enough to get close to the house were terrified to hear unearthly voices and violent beating coming from within the walls. The new owners of the land there in Georgia wanted the evil house off their property once and for all. After many months of legal paperwork, the house was finally lifted from it’s foundation and trucked here to Sloss Furnace of Birmingham, Alabama and now rests upon an unmarked grave of an old steel worker.

This is a rare opportunity for the general public to enter a genuine seance house and possibly have a real paranormal experience.

Are you brave enough to enter? Will you encounter unseen forces from another dimention? There’s only one way to find out.

Come and enter “The Conjuring Room”. You will believe!