Black figure in sight

It was May, of 2011. My friends and I were taking about our own paranormal experiences when I told them I thought it was all a joke. Nobody comes back when they die; shortly after that argument we got on the subject of Sloss furnace. I thought it was a hauxce where as the others said I was crazy. My friend Matt drove us all out there by the tunnel. He believed it wasnt a joke or hauxce and wanted to prove my wrong. Matt and I got out of the car and the others stayed in; Matt told me to say and one end of the tunnel and walk to the other end. He headed back to the car without my knowledge; I stood at the end and took 6 steps in.(remember the 6 steps..It’s kinda important) and felt something cold brush my arm. I thought I was just getting chills so I took 6 slow steps in again, and something scratched my leg. It was 3 claw marks. It was barely bleeding so I wasn’t to alarmed. I took 6 last steps and looked straight ahead of me, there was a man who looked like a worker standing there staring at me. You couldn’t see a face just a figure outline of a man who bent down it was almost like he dropped something. I thought it was Matt so I ran out of the tunnel and to the other side to see if it was them playing tricks on me. I called him, and he told me he was in he car with the other girls. I reached the other side to see three lines of 6 scratch with a finger into the dirt. I was freaked and ran to the car. The scratches on my leg opened up by the time I got into the car. It was poring blood and I have 6 stitches on my right calf. I’ve never gone back and don’t plan on it now. I believe in paranormal activity now.

Submitted by Lauren

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