Chased on the inside AND out

Last year was my first year to ever go to Sloss Fright Furnace. One thing you should know is that I’m the EASIEST to scare.The group of friends that I went with had told me “everything I needed to know” about what I was about to go through. Except they said things a little backwards…they went on to tell me that if I got scared, then they would all leave me alone and I’d be fine. Turns out, it’s the exact opposite. I’m deathly afraid of clowns and of course, the first thing I see is a man dressed as a clown. I respond by hiding behind one of my friends and burying my face into his jacket. The man proceeded to taunt me and wouldn’t leave. My natural instinct was to run so that’s what I proceeded to do until I had about five massive figures chasing behind me. I went everywhere trying to find a safe refuge, even a portal potty…bad idea considering it was hot, and they have speakers in the back of loud screeching and chatter that filled my ears, not to mention that the monsters had bats and axes and they almost tilted the whole thing over with. But when it was finally safe to come out I carried a police officer with me wherever I went haha. Soon though, my tears had dried, but anything could’ve started me up. I was on alert to everyone. My group was called to go into the furnace and we got in line. But I didn’t even last 5 minutes inside the gate before I was surrounded by creepy scary figures who chased me out in numbers. It was like they were hunting me in groups! I couldn’t turn or open my eyes without having someone in my face! Thankfully my friend and his mother accompanied me until the rest of my group exited the furnace. Me, being thankful to leave, sprinted toward the exit. By now, you would’ve thought that I learned my lesson to NOT run or act afraid. But I was READY to leave! the chase started once more and lasted until I was laying on the floor of our car crying trying to tune out the banging on the outside of the car. I waited for my group to reach the car and we went full speed ahead away from the furnace.
So here’s a tip, if you are as scared as me…DON’T ACT AFRAID! It will egg them on that much more! and wear a sweatshirt of jacket that you can burry your face into when you’re scared! it comes in handy when you need it. and out of all the things to do DO.NOT.RUN!

Submitted by Caitie J

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