Creepy Feild-trip

In October 2006, My Art class went on a feild trip to Sloss for a tour, around like 11am. When we got about half way we were on the cross walk. Me and my friends were in the very back of the line and the tour guy stopped to show us something. Me and my friend were taking pics with each-other and we felt like someone just blew on our necks, or like it was a breeze. It was very very cold in that spot. so we screamed and we ran up with the rest of the group. But it was really weird because it was only cold in that one spot, nowhere else. And the end of our tour the, tour guy said that the place was haunted that just freaked me out. That was the creepiest feild trip ever.

<3 LaTeria

Submitted by California-gurl93

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