Haunted History

There have been more than 100 reports of suspected paranormal activity at Sloss Furnaces recorded in Birmingham Police records. From minor incidents such as steam whistles apparently blowing by themselves, to major sightings and the rare physical assault.  It is interesting to note that the majority of these reports happen in the months of September and October at night, during the old "graveyard shift."

Some merely dismiss the occurrences as Halloween hoaxes; others believe it is the restless of spirit of the sadistic foreman, Slag.

In 1988, a study was conducted by the Center for Paranormal Events (CPE) in St. Petersburg, Florida on Sloss Furnaces.   While no events out of the ordinary occurred during the study (which occurred in May), many of the team members, including two psychics, claimed that due to the "violent disregard for and loss of life" Sloss Furnaces should be a considered "a location rife with restless souls."

In the year 2000, Sloss was studied once again by the Paranormal Team of Fox's Scariest Places who concluded that it was one of the highest ratets of unnatural energy they had encountered.

In early 2002, a skeptical investigative team from CBS Affiliate WJTV investigated the site--they left frazzled and convinced that Sloss was haunted capturing amazing footage that can been seen on thier site.

In addition, another investigation was held in 2003 by the Alabama Foundation for Paranormal Research who quoted that "There is no doubt Sloss is a hotspot for paranormal activity. During our investigations we pulled data that confirms through our scientific methods and approach that energys are present that cannot be explained. Sloss is one of the most paranormaly active places our team has investigated."

On October 4 of 2003, another assualt happened to one of our crew members. Josh Thomas, who had worked at Sloss for many years, suddenly caught fire after seeing a "strange shape." He suffered burns up and down his body and was taken to the hospitial--he still can not recall what happened.

Strangely enough, this was almost on the exact 32nd anniversary of the Samuel Blumenthal burn attack (night watchman from 1971).

In 2005, two psychic investigators from the TV show AIRLINE! investigated Sloss Furnaces, in the middle of the taping, one of them began to spontaneously bleed from a cut that appeared in his right hand, halting the investigation. But not before the camera crew caught images of spirits on their cameras.

The Sloss Furnace team continues to archive these sightings both from the press, as well as individuals on frightfurnace.com


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