My gf and I took her son to Sloss for the first time. He loved it and read every marker we could find. He loves history but scares fairly easy.

We didn’t tell him about the haunted history we wanted him to enjoy the trip. He wanted to go down into a tunnel near the old train. I agreed to walk down with him, my gf refused to go along knowing the history.

We made it to the base of the stairwell, I stepped on to the landing. As soon as his foot hit the last stair we heard “NO!” yelled from the other end of the tunnel.

My stepson ran back up while I turned to look. There was no one in the tunnel but me, the daylight was pearing down the other stairs and my gf was at the top. I don’t know who didn’t want a young innocent in the tunnel but I refuse to take him back there.

Submitted by Cruz

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