Made a believer outta me!

Around 2002 or 2003, I accompanied a group of ghost hunters to Sloss. It was a suitably rainy night. I wandered off by myself with just a flashlight when I heard a small rattling following me. The flashlight showed a single empty soda can which rolled right up to my feet & stopped. It wouldn’t have been so bad it I wasn’t standing on a fairly steep walkway, but what REALLY freaked me out was when I stepped over the can, walked maybe 30 feet back down the walkway & heard the can begin to roll & it once again came right to my feet & stopped before touching me. WAY too far for the wind to be the only cause, so you tell me! What made that stupid can roll so far & follow me in two different directions? I don’t know but it made me leave rather quickly without saying goodbye to my friends.

Submitted by Mark

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