Once we wre walking through sloss furnace and walked through this old abandoned building…I have been a ghost hunter intraining so I wanted to set up.So that night my brother and my dad and I were there then we heard an absolute bloody murder scream.Me and my brother went to see.And there was nothing.So about an hour later we heard it again.So we went back to the hallway and there were about 3 rooms with tags on the doors we heard the scream and I ammediatly knew what room it was in…I turned and saw the slotter room…I almost fainted.We went in and there was nothing in that room at all…we went back in the hallway and heard it in the slotter room again so we went in there and there was blood all over the floor in the middle of the room and I looked up i saw a rope…SAnd I thought people have definantly been murdered and hanged here…After that…We heard a whisper and that whisper said,”It’s your turn,or get out!” so after that we left and have never went into an abandoned builing again.

Submitted by Ashley

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