this was my first time going(2007), my brother wanted to go so bad, so we went on a thursday night. I was already shaking because i was nervous and didn’t know what to expect because it was my first time. They finally called our letter and i was kinda pumped and ready to go. We were finally in our group of seven, and the man is telling us how dark it’s going to be in there, and how close the monsters are going to get to you, really close in your personal space, and might even brush against you, or chase you. Yeah, that’s when i was like i don’t think so, and I started to leave, but my brother was like no, you’re not leaving! So I stayed for a few more mins, and we went through to see these two dudes standing there all bloodied up and stuff, holding a chainsaw, and like a little hammer or something. They told us to get in line,well actually screamed, so we did. I was trying not look scared, so they wouldn’t pick on me, but i guess it didn’t work, cause the dude with the chainsaw was screaming all in my face, and i was like omg. They were both ganging up on me. he had the chainsaw right by me swuiping it on the ground, boy i wanted to get out there right then! then we started to move inside the building, and they kept following and taunting us, particulary me. then the chainsaw dude had the chainsaw right in front of me blocking me. And everyone kept walking and i couldn’t move, so i had to let go and i was by myself. here comes another dude with a chainsaw that just jumps out nowhere. All three of them surrounding me in my face, with chainsaws, a little hammer thing, and something else.i was screaming really loud. i couldn’t move anywhere, and i was not about to go through the ride by myself, so i decided to go back up to the front, they were still following me. so i went under the little chain thing they blocked off. and i started running, i stopped running for a minute, then i heard the dude with the chainsaw right behind me screaming and the chainsaw running, I shot out there quick, fast, and in a hurry! I think i’d try again, just for the fun of it because now i know what to expect, and hopefully i’ll actually get inside this time. Ha! ha!

Submitted by Victoria

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