Sloss Fest experience

I’ll start by saying I’ve attended 3 Sloss Fests, one Fright Furnace, and spent an afternoon casually hula hooping and exploring the site with a friend (admittedly spooky and ranging in spookiness on your location) BEFORE I’d ever read the depth of the history of the Furnaces.

With that said, at 2016 Sloss Fest I was standing in line at a Taco food truck with a new friend I’d met at the festival, when the both of us witnessed the guy in front of us placing his food order get PICKPOCKETED BY A GHOST. The money from his pocket flew out and he turned back to us and asked “Did you just reach in my pocket?!” I told him I saw a ghost but I was pretty in shock to believe it myself!

But reading that most of the workers also lived there and were real poor/desperate, pickpocketing a guy at a music fest does seem so far fetched…

Submitted by Raquel

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