so much better than i thought it would be!

I went about a week ago, because i was forced to. I went with my mom, my sister, my cousin, and my friend. We ran into another one of my friends there with her sister. Well, we got in line to go in sloss fright furnace and i started getting really scared. i wanted to back out so bad, but my friends wouldn’t let me. When we were finally about to go in, after some dead lookin dude screamed the rules. When we went in, i was on the verge of tears i was so nervous. one dude actually got knocked down by my momma, but it was an accident lol. anyway, i was practically on one of my friends’ back lol and as we progressed, i acted like i wasn’t scared, you know i was laughing at every dude who tried to scare me. now, i have to admit i did scream once, but other than that, the people who worked there, didn’t pick on me much, because like i said, i acted like it all amused me. I don’t think i wanna go back though lol i just don’t like being scared.

Submitted by me.

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