the most frightening thing ever in my life

well some friends and I where checking out the engine room behind the water tower. I found an old locker room way in the back part. It was spooky to begin with, really cramped and dusty. I opened the lockers and looked inside I didn’t see anything at all in them. then as I was turning around to leave I bumped into something really hard I dropped my light and when it hit the ground it went out. i was a little freaked out I have to admit, but I found the flash light and when i got it back on all of the lockers that I opened where closed again and there wasn’t anything behind me to bump into. I ran out and as I did out of the corner of my eye i could kinda see silhouettes of people watching in the darkness.I wont go in any of the buildings at sloss ever again only outside during the day for me.

Submitted by james

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