I was at Sloss a few years ago

I was at Sloss a few years ago with some friends, the place already gives me the creeps but after that night I will never go back ever! It was around 1:30 in the morning standing when we heard this scream of pure evil and pain sounded like demon straight from hell or at least what you would think one would sound like, no one else heard it that was around us they looked at us crazy hell I thought I was crazy but my whole group heard it so i couldnt be crazy could I? It was not even a minute later another scream was let out but this time a flash of light came from the top of the stack they called “big Alice” then a third time the scream then the light but this time it wasn’t a flash it stayed we all freaked out and looked to others like guys are yall seeing this!! Can you not hear the screams?? All of a sudden a shadow slowly emerged from the light it looked like a man but only bigger much bigger maybe 8 foot tall who knows all, we stood in shook my girlfriend at the time is freaking the hell out shes got her phone out recording the thing the man lets out another scream the lights glow brighter then what appeared to be fire engulfed the shadow man then falls back into “Big Alice” No body else seen it nor heard when we played back the video on her phone nothing all you could see was the top of “Big Alice” and the Birmingham night sky we where in shock still to this day we have no idea what we say was it the man they called the Slag why could we see it but no one else it haunts us still some more then others David my Girlfriend at the times brother was bothered by it the most claiming to have seen the shadow man in flames in his dreams and even having a dream of being the shadow man and looking down at us and falling into melted Iron claiming he felt the pain and fire burn thru him as he awoke in sweat he still has issues with it to this day this place is real people and one day whatever that shadow thing was is going to do this again maybe even kill someone if it can affect the mind like it did ours you can only imagine what it will do to you!!!

Submitted by Sebastian

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