The Tunnel.

In June of 2009, I visited Sloss on research with T.P.R.G. We split up into four teams, and all night long all of the other teams has been experiencing paranormal activity. By the end of the night, we were last in the tunnel. There were 8 of us but, two only lasted 5 minutes into an EVP session. There was one person who was getting feelings and overwhelming visions, and could no long stay down there so another member of our team, escorted her out of the tunnel and calmed her down.

In between myself and the person to my left, I felt the presence of someone next to me, taunting me, playing with my hair and the back of my neck. About 8 minutes into the EVP session, we had confirmed paranormal activity but, it was like the spirits were toying with us. Then I looked down to my right, near the entrance and I saw a boy, looking to be about 8 years old, standing there, then he disappeared.

About three minutes later a member of the team was getting mad at the spirits for just toying around, so he made the comment, “How many [email protected]!#ing n!**@#s we got in here?” and plain as day you heard 7 beats to the piping and the person to my left was being pushed out of her chair, and let me be clear that she weighs a good 250 pounds. During the time of her being pushed out of her chair, I felt a hand or an arm go through my stomach, pulling and tugging at my insides, like I was being kicked in the gut and a second later, I felt a pair of hands wrapped around my neck, strangling me. I was speechless, I could barely move or breathe. After my teammate who was pushed out of the chair decided to leave, she tugged at my hand and had to pull me up from the chair.

The rest of the team stayed down five minutes after we did, then ended the EVP session and returned from the tunnel. The rest of the night I was shaking, I couldn’t talk hardly, and my stomach was all knotted up inside.

For those of you who are skeptics, you are wrong. Sloss Fright Furnaces is one of the most haunted places I have visited besides the Old Bryce Mental Hospital, in my hometown, Northport, Alabama.

Submitted by Amanda Harwell

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