Walking Dead Alumni in new role as Zombie Instructor for OUTBREAK

If you decide to be a zombie in Sloss Fright Furnace new attraction OUTBREAK, you will get a chance to learn from the best.

Mad Dog Dan Sawyer, who went through Zombie Training School as a cast member in the AMC show THE WALKING DEAD, and was featured as a prison riot guard in Season 3, Episode 1 will instruct wanna-be flesh eaters in the fine art of being the perfect Zombie.

“You have to get the walk down”, he stated, “and you have to remember that you are brain dead. But the most important thing to remember is to stay hungry all the time.”

Participants who select to be Zombies in OUTBREAK will go through a transformation as they are costumed, made-up, and go through a zombie boot camp led by Sawyer.

“If there is one Halloween thing you need to do this year, it’s OUTBREAK at Sloss Fright Furnace. As either a Zombie or a Survivor, you are not going to forget this experience.”

Mad Dog hopes to return to the set of WALKING DEAD soon, but he will have to fit it into his busy schedule, as he has already been cast in episodes of THE VAMPIRE DIARIES and SONS OF ANARCHY.