We went to Sloss this past weekend{Oct 22}I have never been this was my first time,and it was awesome!!!Now on to the best part.We were standing in line waiting to start the Sloss haunted tour.I was beyond excited:}When out the corner of my left eye I see something on the very top of the highest silo{Big Alice},this man just looking at me.I look at him acknowledge him and he disappears.I immediately tell my husband and Sister-in law did you see that.There like NO what. At this point I’m just not sure what I saw.I look back and there is this man standing,looking at me then he starts walking to the edge of the rail and looks like he is about to throw himself over the railing,he is just dangling there .Then he disappeared again.We start the tour and the whole time I feel as if I’m being followed.I’m in the catwalk and alone I lagged behind do NOT do this.Then out of nowhere I got pushed Hard!!My husband comes to find me.I’m freaking out.The rest of the way I’m feeling sick on fire..I swear to the Lord almighty the ghost of James Robert Wormwood was following us.Because the moment I got out of that place I didn’t fell him.Now I’m sure most people when they hear Ghost stories they think well fake not real{unless they see it with there OWN two eyes!!}.I can assure you this is real.Sloss is 100%HAUNTED!I have the Ability to Channel,I’m Clairvoyant,and I have.E.S.P.,so this isn’t my first GHOST:}I will be coming back I’m planning a private tour.Cant wait.

Submitted by Bonnie

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